• Hand Tools Vision

  Our Vision

Is to become a global growth-oriented hand tools and solutions innovator business greared to the performance driven end-user in construction, agriculture, landscaping and gardening by 2020.

To achieve that we need:

To understand the needs of performance-minded users to ensure a complete, innovative and differentiated offer by region.

To build a consolidated portfolio, and product management and operational expertise that optimizes our global scale.

To optimize our global supply chain to serve the target markets.

To align on one streamlined organization that is agile with talent and systems that enable rapid decision making and execution.

A strong, passionate leadership team commited to providing a work evironment and career opportunities that inspire pride, personal grotwh, learning and recognition.

Market -leading positions and product capabilities in construction, agriculture, landscaping and gardening. The category expertise and customer focus to design, manufacture, and sell solutions that satisfy our customer’s needs in each segment.

The foundation of our succes will be based on:

Our highly regarded, performance oriented BRANDS with heritage that drive our market.

A growing Customer Portfolio.

Sales, product development and manufacturing presence in many of our key markets with an extensive best cost country Footprint.

A diverse, multicultural team with shared values and ethics that demands from each other accountability, trust, teamwork, a commitement to lean thinking, open communication and results.

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