Mission, Vision and Values


We are an international group of companies, focusing our efforts and energy in building partnership with our clients and end users with the aim of being their best help.

  • Developing and strengthening our brands
  • Working with end users, knowing their needs, their expectations and sharing ideas
  • Innovating in products, services and organization
  • Looking for new business opportunities
  • Managing our catalog globally

All of this with growth and profitability in mind to maximize companies’ value.


Develop Hand-tool and Farm Machinery Components businesses with leading brands for users and clients that demand quality products and solutions.


  • Orientation towards results
    To be capable of achieving goals and contribute value.

  • Market orientation
    Providing quality innovating solutions based on permanent contact with clients and customers and being fully aware of their needs and expectations.

  • Competitiveness
    Proposing the best solution through management excellence in our products.

  • Innovation and creativity
    We encourage development of unique ideas for strategies and processes that provide value and make them easier.

  • Commitment
    Everybody within the Group accepts active responsibility for achieving our goals and vision.

  • Collaboration
    We actively encourage teamwork and develop the best practices.

  • Good management
    Promoting transparency and ethical values.

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