Hoe handle with anti-twist system - Metric 1- M1


Handle with anti-twist system to hold the new anti-twist hoes. Get a perfect joint, the injected plastic tabs fit into the grooves of the Bellota hoes, so the head does not move, does not swing and does not take up any slack. No more rags, wedges and water basins, when you want to work with the hoe, it will be ready to use. The handle is made of injected elastomer, for a comfortable grip, the hoe does not slip and achieves greater efficiency. Once you try it, you won't want to change it. They are made of PEFC-certified wood, with a natural finish to improve the feel and fit better in your hand.

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Handle for Bellota anti-twist hoes - M1 - metric 1: 30x32mm

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Product Description

Handle for hoes with anti-twist system, it adapts perfectly to the Bellota anti-twist hoes. The tabs on the handle adapt to the grooves on the head and achieve a perfect joint that prevents any swinging or movement of the hoe. The handle is made of injected plastic, the joint is unbreakable and resistant to changes in temperature and humidity. The grip area is made of elastomer injected into the wood to make an ultra-resistant assembly. PEFC-certified natural wood handle for a pleasant feel, because we care about the environment. Metric 1: 30x32mm.


Reference HDLM1W1400APH HDLM1W1200APH HDLM1W1000APH
Dimensions 1400 x 32 x 32 mm 1200 x 32 x 32 mm 1000 x 32 x 32 mm
Weight 0.758 kg 0.621 kg 0.617 kg