Non-varnished wood handle for 1200mm rakes

REF: M 952 SB

Unvarnished handles, lightweight.

Design and comfort are not at odds with each other. Ergonomic design adapted to the geometry of the tool.

Makes your job easier. Makes it easier and more comfortable for you to work upright, avoiding back injury.

recommended use:

Handle for rakes, used for collecting leaves, hay, grass cuttings, etc. Valid for Ref.: 950/951/952.

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Product Description

Non-varnished long wood handle for rakes, lightweight and soft touch. Ergonomic design adapted to the shape of the tool. 1200mm long


Reference M 952 SB
Joint or max. diameter (in mm)
Handle type Straight handle
Handle material Wood
Dimensions 1200 x 27 x 27 mm
Weight 0.437 kg