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The website user has the right to be informed about the use and installation of cookies on their browser. The current e-commerce regulations require website owners to comply with the principle of ‘transparency,’ so that users can understand, clearly and precisely, the impact on their privacy when browsing or using services hosted on the website.

Below is the pop-up legal notice that must be included on the main page of the website. The notice will not be deactivated until the user accepts the cookie policy. The pop-up notice will be linked to the ‘cookie policy’ document outlined in point 2 of this document:


The installation of cookies on the browser requires your explicit consent unless the cookies are:

  • Necessary to facilitate navigation and/or the implementation of security measures to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information.
  • Essential to provide the service expressly requested by you.

With respect to the rest of the cookies we use on our website, in the event that you give your consent by accepting the pop-up legal notice informing about our cookie policy, we may use them for the purposes stated in this policy.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is downloaded and stored on the user’s device (PC/smartphone/tablet/etc) when accessing a website. There are different types of cookies, and their purposes can be diverse. For example, cookies can be used to remember the selected language, customize the website, remember your login, recall items in an order, use security elements, share content on social networks, remember the user’s browser type to improve efficiency, geolocation, analyze visits and behavior on the web, offer personalized advertising, as well as track your movements on the web and create usage profiles.

What types of cookies are there?

In general, it can be said that there are two types of cookies: session cookies and permanent cookies. Session cookies are created temporarily, so once you leave the website, the session cookie is automatically deleted. Permanent cookies remain stored on your device and are reactivated when you revisit the specific page that created them. A permanent cookie stays in the browser’s subfolder for the duration period established for the file.

Cookies can also be proprietary or third-party. Proprietary cookies have been created by us, and we have control over their use and deletion. Third-party cookies are created by entities that provide us with services, such as analyzing traffic on our website, displaying third-party videos, or connecting with social networks, etc. Regarding these cookies and the privacy policies of their creators, we inform you that we have no control. Below is a descriptive table of the cookies used on our website. If you have any questions about these cookies, we recommend that you contact the manufacturer using the provided links (without prejudice to your right to disable cookies as you see fit).

Who can access cookies?

Only the entity or company that created the cookies can access them.

What information can a cookie collect?

The information that a cookie can collect can be very diverse, illustratively but not limited to, cookies can collect:

  • User IP
  • Web of Origin
  • Term used in search engines to access the web.
  • Web sites visited.
  • Selected products.
  • Content of registration or order forms.
  • Session ID.
  • Information about your browser and device, operating system, connection speed and display settings.


What cookies are used on this website?

This website uses the cookies listed in the table below:

  • Necessary cookies: these are essential for the provision of the services requested by the user. If these cookies are deactivated, you will not be able to receive our content and services correctly
  • Analytical cookies: We use these cookies to improve the quality of our services by analysing user behaviour on our website. We use third-party cookies for this purpose. If you disable these cookies you can continue to receive our services, however, it will limit our knowledge of the activity of our customers to improve our services.

Cookies used on our website:

Usada porCookieFinalidadDuraciónTipo
Google_gaSe usa para distinguir a los usuarios2 añosAnálisis
Google_gidSe usa para distinguir a los usuarios24 horasAnálisis
Google_gatSe usa para diferencias entre los diferentes objetos de seguimiento creados en la sesión1 minutoAnálisis
GoogleDSIDSe usa para distinguir a los usuarios1,5 añosAnálisis
GoogleIDESe usa para distinguir a los usuarios1,5 añosAnálisis
Google1P_JARTransfiere datos a Google1 semanaAnálisis
GoogleNIDSe usa para distinguir a los usuarios (focalización)1,5 añosAnálisis
Google_dc_gtm_UA-61958106-1Se usa para distinguir a los usuarios1,5 años Análisis
Drupalhas_jsDetermina si está activado JavaScript para la creación de formularios y peticiones HTTPSAl final de la sesión Técnica
DrupalDrupal_toolbar.collapsedCookie técnica útil para ofrecer una mejor experiencia de navegación al usuarioAl final de la sesión Técnica
DrupalSESSec9a23a1c5e830185ecffb89cef42b8fCookie técnica útil para ofrecer una mejor experiencia de navegación al usuarioAl final de la sesión Técnica
YoutubeSID,NID,HSID, APISID,LOGIN_INFO,SAPISID, YSCUsada por la red social para conocer de dónde viene el usuarioPermanente Necesaria
Facebook“utmz”Usada por la red social para conocer de dónde viene el usuarioPermanente Necesaria
Google +“utmz”Usada por la red social para conocer de dónde viene el usuarioPermanenteNecesaria
Twitter“utmz”Usada por la red social para conocer de dónde viene el usuarioPermanenteNecesaria

Own cookies:

  • MenuOption: User’s navigation preference with respect to 1st menu option. It is used so that the web server, by means of rules, redirects to the user’s preferred home page when a generic url is entered
    • Duration: Expires with the session
    • It is a necessary cookie

How can I turn off cookies?

The user can select the operational cookies or choose to deactivate them by proceeding as follows:

  • Through the browser settings:
  • By means of the specific opt-out systems indicated by the owners of the cookies.
  • Other third-party tools, available online, allow users to detect cookies on each website they visit and manage their deactivation.

Third party liability.

Please note that we cannot be held responsible for the content, accuracy, and compliance with the privacy policies of third parties. Consequently, if you choose to browse our website allowing third-party cookies, you declare to do so with knowledge of this circumstance and release BELLOTA from any direct or indirect responsibility for damages, losses, or privacy intrusions carried out by third-party companies.

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