Cordless electric tying machine with lithium-ion battery and 25mm maximum tying diameter/ ETY125P


Very light: With just 1 kg it will make your work easier, so you won't be as tired at the end of the day.

Fast and versatile: You will finish tying quickly just by pressing the trigger. There are 4 tying functions to choose from, according to the one that adapts better to the size of the branch. Mode 1 for the thickest branches (3 turns) and mode 4 for the thinner branches (6 turns).

Sustainable: Because, just like you, we care about the environment as well, our thread is covered in biodegradable paper.

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recommended use:

To tie up vines.

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Product Description

Electric tying machine with lithium-ion battery. With a 25mm maximum tying diameter. It has a maximum power of 500W, brushless motor and a maximum voltage of 16.8V. You will finish tying quickly at the pull of the trigger. You will be able to choose among 4 tying functions the one that best suits the diameter of the branch. Four tying modes: 1 for thicker branches (3 rotations) and 4 for thinner branches (6 rotations). Because caring for the environment is one of our priorities, our thread is coated with biodegradable paper.


Reference ETY125P
Maximum tying diameter (mm) 25
Tying functions (no.) 4
Power (w) 50
Dimensions 111 x 330 x 360 mm
Weight 2.46 kg


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