Scarifier head with wheels for garden maintenance

REF: 3080

Your garden will always be well kept; enjoy your lawn. For conditioning the lawn in spring and autumn. In spring, it cleans and removes lawn moss and other debris so that your lawn can breathe and regenerate. In autumn, it prepares the lawn for entering the vegetative recovery phase. This wheeled scarifier facilitates scarifying the lawn. The sharp and heat-treated blades will scratch the surface so that the soil breathes. The system has a steel protector for greater durability of the assembly.

recommended use:

Prepare your lawn. Use in the spring for cleaning and removing moss, and in the autumn for preparing the lawn for the vegetative recovery phase.

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Product Description

Wheeled scarifier for maintaining and conditioning the lawn in spring and autumn. With sharp blades for easy insertion into the ground, allowing for breaking the moss layer and aerating the soil and grass roots. Its wheels allow for working comfortably and effortlessly. No handle


Reference 3080
Working width (in cm) 50
Article reference 3080
Head material Steel; Polypropylene
Teeth material Steel
Bushing diameter (in cm) 2.7
Dimensions 510 x 180 x 140 mm
Weight 1.65 kg