Weeding Hoe, sharp for penetrating the soil well and cutting weeds, with a long handle

REF: 3081 CM

Take care of your plants and vegetable garden. It won’t let you down; the head is made of tempered steel for increased service life. In addition, to facilitate insertion into the ground, it’s sharp. Use it for weeding and breaking the surface crust, and removing weeds by cutting roots. Very useful for cleaning around plants or trees.

1500mm handle with areas of different thicknesses for more comfortably gripping the tool. Soft and resistant finishes, PEFC-certified wood.

recommended use:

Weeds, breaks the soil crust and removes weeds by cutting them at the root.

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Product Description

Weeding hoe for weeding, breaking the soil surface crust and removing weeds by cutting their roots. The hoe is thin, lightweight and sharp for better insertion into the soil and easy cutting of roots when necessary. With a long PEFC-certified wooden handle that is ergonomic for a good grip.


Reference 3081 CM
Working width (in cm) 15
Article reference 3081 CM
Head material Steel
Bushing diameter (in mm) 2.7
Dimensions 1600 x 250 x 150 mm
Weight 1.24 kg


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