PROLINE Biscayne axe with patented wedge

REF: 8130-800 N

Cutting axe for cleaning branches, small cutting tasks, pruning of trees and small bushes. Perfect to chop up firewood.

Great durability, unbreakable, head forged in one single piece.

The cutting edge is specially designed to ensure good branch penetration.

The joint between the head and the handle is made by means of a patented fiberglass wedge, which provides greater safety. 150% higher than UNE standards.

Patented wedge: 100% reliable Our wedge allows for a new joint system that increases the ergonomics of the handle as well as helps to direct the stroke also providing a better grip.

recommended use:

Cuts logs and wood in general, clears trees and prunes.

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Product Description

PROLINE cutting Biscayne axe with forged head for cleaning branches, cutting tasks, pruning of trees and small bushes. The cutting edge is specially designed for good branch penetration. With wedge joint to improve the ergonomics of the handle.


Reference 8130-400 N 8130-500 N 8130-600 N 8130-800 N
Head weight (in g) 400 500 600 800
Handle length (in cm) 38 40 42 45
Head material steel steel steel steel
Head construction Forged Forged Forged Forged
Head treatment Tempered Tempered Tempered Tempered
Dimensions 380 x 128 x 30 mm 400 x 133 x 32 mm 400 x 142 x 34 mm 450 x 158 x 35 mm
Weight 0.63 kg 0.73 kg 0.815 kg 1.08 kg


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