Forged and over-injected Garden Line axe

REF: 3480

High durability, the head is forged in one piece and fixed to the handle by over-injection.

In addition, it has a non-stick coating, which together with the special design of the cutting edge allows for easier and cleaner penetration into the branch.

The cutting head has a notch that makes it easier to remove nails and clean wood and branches.

The handle is ergonomic and lightweight for better grip and power transmission when cutting. Hollow handle made of fiberglass.

recommended use:

Cuts logs and wood in general, clears trees and prunes.

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Product Description

Forged GARDEN LINE axe with fiberglass handle. It has a non-stick coating, with a notch for removing nails and cleaning wood. The handle is injected on the head for a perfect joint.


Reference 3480
Head weight (in g) 500
Handle length (in cm) 37
Head material steel
Head construction Forged
Head treatment Tempered
Dimensions 400 x 130 x 20 mm
Weight 0.78 kg