Sledgehammer-wedge for cutting...

REF: 5460-3

Sledgehammer-wedge for cutting thick and hard wood. It has a double head, for a double use: a hammer for striking and a wedge for splitting and cutting wood.

High durability, the head is forged in one piece and heat-treated so that it does not break or wear out.

With a blade specially design to penetrate wood.

Perfect joint between head and handle for maximum safety during use.

recommended use:

Cuts thick, hard wood. Dual-use as a sledgehammer with the wedge, and as an axe for cutting wood.

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Product Description

Sledgehammer-wedge for cutting thick and hard wood with carbon fiber handle


Reference 5460-3 5460-3 CF
Wedge weight (in kg) 3 3
Head shape Wedge Wedge
Head material steel steel
Head construction Forged Forged
Head treatment Tempered Tempered
Dimensions 895 x 210 x 70 mm 900 x 210 x 70 mm
Weight 3.58 kg 3.99 kg