Hound forged 6 barbed to work stone and gravel lands with long curved handle without varnishing


Unbreakable. Six-prong fork forged in one single piece with Bellota special steel. Heat-treated. It will last a lifetime, does not break, does not deform and does not wear out. Rounded prongs to avoid digging into the ground when picking up materials. They are hardened along their entire length to better support weight. They are painted to prevent rust and facilitate maintenance.

Handling gravel and stones will be easier. Joint with unvarnished curved handle.

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Product Description

Six-prong forged fork made of special steel and forged in one single piece for working stone and gravel soils. The prongs are sharp and hardened along their entire length. Painted with special paint to prevent rust. With rounded tips to avoid digging into the ground when picking up material. Curved, unvarnished handle for a comfortable grip.


Reference 9046MCSB
Dimensions 1650 x 280 x 70 mm
Weight 1.6 kg