Forged fork with 6 prongs for collecting hay and manure and transferring large quantities of lightweight materials/ 9026A

REF: 902-6 MA

Unbreakable. Six-prong fork forged in one single piece with Bellota special steel. Heat-treated. It will last a lifetime, does not break, does not deform and does not wear out. The prongs are sharp to hold the bales well and hardened along their entire length to better withstand the weight. They are painted to prevent rust and facilitate maintenance.

Handling gravel and stones will be easier. With a metal ferrule joint and a soft-touch PEFC ash wood handle. Metal D-handle.

recommended use:

It picks up hay, manure and moves large quantities of light materials with ease thanks to its sharp, hardened prongs along their entire length.

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Product Description

Six-prong fork made of special steel and forged in one single piece for collecting hay and manure. The prongs are sharp and hardened along their entire length. With special paint to prevent rust. It has a PEFC-certified wooden handle, with a metal ring, the joint between head and handle is perfect thanks to the metal ferrule.


Reference 902-6 MA
Teeth length (in cm) 35
Number of barbs 6
Head width (in cm) 31
Head shape Curved
Head weight (in g) 1350
Dimensions 1235 x 350 x 130 mm
Weight 2.5 kg