Stamped shovel for removing soil/3101MFVA

REF: 3103 MFVA

This spade is forged in one single piece and made of Bellota special steel.

For digging and transplanting, as well as a reinforced shoulder design for easy insertion into the soil.

It won't let you down. Heat treated to prevent deformation.

You will work the soil easily. Long hollow fibreglass handle with an extra-wide D-grip

recommended use:

Ideal for easily removing soil. Reinforced design to aid its insertion into the soil.

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Product Description

Stamped pointed shovel for emptying soil, made of special heat-treated steel to extend the service lifespan of the tool. It has a hollow fibreglass handle and wide bi-material ring for a comfortable grip of the tool. Extra wide grip surface for maximum comfort.


Reference 3103 MFVA
Head width (in mm)
Head finish Paint
Head shape Pick
Hub diameter (in mm) 38
Handle type Rivet
Dimensions 1240 x 230 x 130 mm
Weight 2.28 kg


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