Stamped spade for transplanting, cutting and levelling land/ 5573M

REF: 5573-26 MM

Stamped spade, forged in one single piece and made of Bellota special steel.

It won't let you down: heat-treated. It won't wobble either: perfect joint between the head and the handle.

PEFC-certified wooden T-handle

You will transplant, trim and shape the soil easily.

recommended use:

It transplants, cuts and levels land with ease. Varnished wood T handle, lightweight, very smooth to the touch. PEFC certified

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Product Description

Stamped spade, made of special Bellota steel with heat treatment to extend the useful lifespan of the tool: does not break, does not deform, does not wear out. It is perfect for transplanting and shaping the ground, it has a T-handle made of PEFC-certified beech wood.


Reference 5573-26 MM
Head width (in mm)
Head finish Epoxy paint
Head shape Spade
Hub diameter (in mm) 35
Handle type Coach screw
Dimensions 955 x 195 x 50 mm
Weight 1.67 kg


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