Pack of 6 wedges for sledgehammers and drilling hammers/ 8975BL

REF: 8975 BL

These are the only fibreglass wedges like this on the market. Exclusive. Patented.

The safest. Perfect fit between handle and head, making your work more comfortable and precise.

Forget about wear. Fibreglass and polyamide provide high resistance to rust.

recommended use:

Your safety is what matters most: Better fit between handle and head, it won’t get away on you. Excellent fit.

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Product Description

Pack of 6 patented fiberglass wedges to achieve the best joint between the wooden handle and the head of sledge or drilling hammers. This wedge provides greater safety, excellent resistance to corrosion, weathering and temperature, thus ensuring a more stable joint over time.


Reference 8975 BL
Dimensions 150 x 20 x 50 mm
Weight 0.03 kg