Fibreglass concave base flap disc for stainless steel-metal grinding, AZ grain

REF: 50512-120

You’ll be able to polish and sand down the most demanding stainless steel and cast iron without dirtying or marking the surface.

No edge will get the better of you

Abrasive disc with polyester support fabrics that are resistant to wear and tear, longer lasting and better finishes.

recommended use:

Abrasive disc for surface finishing, maintenance works and repair of farming tools. Also ideal for weld and adjustments.

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Product Description

Fibreglass concave base flap disc for stainless steel-metal, AZ grain. Premium quality AZ abrasive grain (zirconium oxide) for high starting capacity and working speed, providing maximum cost-efficiency on heavy-duty works. Polyester-backed cloth to extend the lifespan of the abrasive grain. Fibreglass concave base for edges and edge finishing work. Compliant with UNE EN 13743 standard. Use on portable angle grinders for surface dressing, maintenance and grinding of stainless steel and cast iron.


Reference 50512-120 50512-40 50512-80 50512-60
Diameter (in mm) 115 115 115 115
Grain size 120 40 80 60
Disc type Grinding Grinding Grinding Grinding
Base material Fibreglass Fibreglass Fibreglass Fibreglass
Application Metal Metal Metal Metal
Dimensions 108 x 108 x 10 mm 108 x 108 x 11 mm 108 x 108 x 1 mm 108 x 108 x 12 mm
Weight 0.07 kg 0.08 kg 0.07 kg 0.07 kg