Non-stick saw with bi-material handle for plasterboard

REF: 4520-15

Heat treated. Keyhole saw with sharpened point and double edged teeth in steel covered in anti-corrosive particles.

Cut quickly, cleanly and precisely. The glide of the blade through laminated plasterboard is optimal.

Comfortable grip. Ergonomic bi-material handle, smooth to the touch, for more comfort during work.

recommended use:

For wood cutting, particle boards and other materials.

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Product Description

Professional saw with triple-edged Japanese toothing, for a fast, clean and precise cut, with double heat treatment for higher performance. Integrally heat-treated blade for maximum durability, non-stick anti-corrosion coating for resistance to abrasion and corrosion of plaster and sharp blade tip to facilitate cutting at ceiling-wall junctions. Ergonomic bi-material handle with elastomer, pleasant to the touch and prepared to mark 45º and 90º cuts, straight and fluid cut. For cutting plasterboard, wood panels or chipboard. It facilitates cutting at ceiling-wall junctions.


Reference 4520-15 4520-20
Blade length (in mm) 375 465
Article reference 4520-15 4520-20
Number of teeth per inch 7 7
Sharpening the teeth 4 sides 5 sides
Blade coating Black Teflon Black Teflon
Dimensions 478 x 150 x 35 mm 613 x 145 x 35 mm
Weight 0.44 kg 0.55 kg


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