Cr.V. steel brick chisel with guard for opening grooves

REF: 8271-100 CP

Can cope with anything. Highest quality chrome vanadium steel, induction tempered and totally hardened.

Avoid frights and injury. Hand guard with three lips so you don’t hit your hand. Heat treated in three distinct work areas: head, edge and body.

It will be with you for many years. Angled, bevelled and varnished tips.

recommended use:

Use it for general breakage, for channelling, removing concrete remains or those of other materials.

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Product Description

Professional brick chisel made of high quality chrome vanadium steel, with induction hardened and tempered areas. Differentiated heat treatment in the 3 different working areas: Head (to ensure user safety), Tip (for maximum duration and service life) and Body (to reduce vibrations when striking). Ground, chamfered and varnished tips. Three levels for greater hand protection. For opening grooves and masonry work.


Reference 8271-100 CP 8271-80 CP 8271-60 CP
Item length (in mm) 85 85 85
Section (in mm) 26 26 23
Tip width (in mm) 100 80 60
Material Chromium-vanadium,Polypropylene,Elastomer Chromium-vanadium,Polypropylene,Elastomer Chromium-vanadium,Polypropylene,Elastomer
Section (in mm) 26 26 23
Dimensions 230 x 100 x 85 mm 230 x 100 x 85 mm 230 x 100 x 85 mm
Weight 0.75 kg 0.76 kg 0.66 kg