Square notched grout spreader with wooden handle for flooring and tiling work

REF: 5877-03

Resistant to wear. High-quality, long lasting steel grout spreader.

The most comfortable grip. Lightweight beech handle, smooth to the touch.

Spreads cement-based adhesive uniformly, quickly and easily.

recommended use:

Prepares surfaces for tiling. Spreads and smooths cement-based adhesive uniformly for laying tiles.

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Product Description

Professional square notched grout spreader with high quality flexible steel blade, maximum durability without deterioration. Perfectly flat blade to guarantee the perfect finish, varnished to prevent rust and perfectly fitted. Ergonomic wooden handle, lightweight and pleasant to the touch. For tiling and flooring work.


Reference 5877-03 5877-06 5877-08
Tooth size (in mm) 3 6 8
Tooth shape Square Square Square
Blade width (in mm) 180 180 180
Handle material Wood Wood Wood
Dimensions 180 x 16 x 125 mm 180 x 16 x 130 mm 180 x 16 x 125 mm
Weight 0.12 kg 0.12 kg 0.11 kg