Cup brush with bolt, made of stainless steel corrugated wire

REF: 50808- 50 I

Cleaning will no longer be a hassle. End brush, stainless steel, corrugated wire 75 mm in length and 0.3 mm in diameter

The ideal brush for undemanding jobs: cleaning and removal of paint, varnish, rust and small burrs...

There’s only one limitation! Ideal for use in normal drills with a maximum speed of 4,500 rpm.

recommended use:

For undemanding cleaning jobs and removal of paint, varnish, rust and small burrs with normal drills of up to 4,500 rpm.

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Product Description

Cup brush made of 0.3mm-thick stainless steel corrugated wire, with high wear-resistance and excellent performance. With 6mm bolt for use in drills up to 4,500rpm. For removing welding scale, cleaning rust from metal surfaces, removing paints and coatings and treating surfaces such as wood and stone. Special for contamination-free cleaning of rust and soot stains on stainless steel, aluminium or special alloys.


Reference 50808- 50 I
Diameter (in mm)
Brush type DIY brush
Brush shape Cup
Wire type Corrugated
Dimensions 64 x 55 x 55 mm
Weight 0.07 kg