Hand brush with wood handle, made of brass corrugated wire

REF: 50803-3

Your greatest ally. Essential high-quality hand tool or light brushing jobs.

The ideal brush for non-ferrous metals and spark free jobs.

Perfect finish. Corrugated wire, 0.3 mm in diameter (3 rows) for a professional and precise job.

recommended use:

For light brushing and cleaning jobs and for removing paint, varnish, scale, rust and small burr.

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Product Description

Hand brush made of 0.3 mm-thick brass corrugated wire, with high smoothness and excellent performance. With wood handle for easy brushing and greater reach. For cleaning of copper, plastic, lead, aluminium, glass and steel pieces. Specially designed for working with non-sparking materials.


Reference 50803-3 50803-5 50803-4
Number of rows of wire
Wire type Corrugated Corrugated Corrugated
Brush type Manual brush Manual brush Manual brush
Wire diameter (in mm) 0.3 0.3 0.3
Wire height (in mm) 25 25 25
Dimensions 295 x 27 x 45 mm 291 x 36 x 45 mm 295 x 30 x 45 mm
Weight 0.08 kg 0.14 kg 0.11 kg