Spid hand brush with plastic handle and stainless steel corrugated wire/ 50806I

REF: 50806-I

Spid narrow hand brush, for difficult to reach areas.

Your best ally. Indispensable, high-quality hand tool for hand brushing.

Specially designed for stainless steel. Say goodbye to rust, coatings and dirt stains on stainless steel, aluminium or other alloys.

Perfect finish. 0.3mm-thick stainless steel straight wire for a professional work with the best results.

recommended use:

Handheld brush for light brushing jobs in hard to reach areas. Brush, clean and remove paint, varnish, scale, rust and small burr.

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Product Description

Spid narrow hand brush made of 0.3mm-thick stainless steel corrugated wire, with high wear-resistance and excellent performance. With plastic handle for easy brushing and greater reach. For hard to reach areas (grooves, angles, . . . ), removing welding scale, cleaning rust from metal surfaces, removing paints and coatings and treating surfaces such as wood and stone. Special for contamination-free cleaning of rust and soot stains on stainless steel, aluminium or special alloys.


Reference 50806-I
Wire type Corrugated
Brush length (in mm) 265
Brush type Manual
Wire diameter (in mm) 0.3
Dimensions 255 x 65 x 20 mm
Weight 0.11 kg