Forged bench vice

REF: 6700-150

Forged bench vice structure in special Bellota steel, resistant to impact and pressure.

Excellent finish. Heat treated vices for better grip.

Broad anvil allows you to straighten or give shape to small metal parts.

recommended use:

For holding, gripping and mounting diff erent parts or profiles.

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Product Description

Professional forged steel vise with maximum durability, for clamping, fixing and fastening of parts or profiles. Square adjustable guide for smooth and stable operation. Fixed, heat-treated and knurled clamps to ensure a better grip on the workpiece and no deformation. With a large anvil that provides a larger working surface. The base is provided with a support for mounting on a workbench.


Reference 6700-100 6700-125 6700-150 6700-175
Jaws maximum opening (in mm) 125 150 200 220
Clearance height of jaws (in mm) 52 62 75 95
Dimensions 193 x 300 x 122 mm 228 x 355 x 140 mm 268 x 456 x 162 mm 285 x 515 x 200 mm
Weight 6.58 kg 9.79 kg 16.39 kg 25.67 kg


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