Frequently Asked Questions


Where are the Bellota headquarters located?

Bellota’s headquarters are located in Legazpi… If you need to contact us directly, see our contact page. Contact us trough our website.

Does Bellota have FSC and PEFC certification?

Yes, at Bellota we believe that sustainability is the way forward to take care of our planet.
This is why we have been awarded FSC and PEFC certificates for years in a row.
You can download the certificates at the following links



Where can I buy Bellota tools?

You can find our tools in hardware stores, specialized shops, some supermarkets and garden centers. You can also buy our products online; check the “Dónde comprar” button and locate the nearest store.Puedes encontrar nuestras herramientas en ferreterías, tiendas especializadas, grandes superficies y garden centers, así como a través de plataformas online. Accede al área ” y localiza tu tienda más cercana.

Does Bellota has electric tools?

We are handtools specialists. We design all our products thinking about what you need so you can work better, faster and stronger. Try them!

What guarantee are Bellota tools?

Bellota is all about quality. Everything that we do is to be sure that you have strong, resistant and durable tools. You can find out all about  our Warranty policies per product under their family options.

Where can I check the price of Bellota tools?

Access our distributor’s webpage and find out all the information you need to buy our products.

Is it possible to buy online tools through Bellota’s website?

Currently, you can not buy our tools on our website. However, Amazon carries our products and also you can check our long list of distributor’s websites.

Where can I download the footwear declarations of conformity?

You can download them using this link


What does Bellota do for the environment?

The environment is a constant concern for us. From the design to the materials, every part of our products is eco driven.
We are now collaborating with very special entrepreneurial projects like Copade; we are also certified by the PEFC and FSC. All of this guarantees that our products are sustainable.

Does Bellota comply with the current regulations for manufacturing and quality of the tool?

We do comply with all the regulations and certifications necessary. We currently have the  ISO 9001, ISO 14000 quality and management certifications, and with PEFC and FSC, which guarantee a sustainability of our wood and respect the custody chain on the forest products.

What awards and credentials does Bellota have?

We have dedicated more than a century into manufacturing quality tools for you; our hard work, innovation and commitment has been recognized twice by the prestigious Basque Quality Management Award.   2008 “Q de Plata” and 2012 “Q de Oro”.

To whom are the Bellota tools addressed?

Bellota is made for those who work really hard and appreciate quality. Whether you work on a field, your home or your job , Bellota have the best tools for you.

What other policies and regulations does Bellota follow?

We are currently working under several policies for quality and environmental protection, also the EEA management on the health and safety department. With the first one, we guarantee the quality of our tools alongside with sustainability. With the EEA management we comply with the values of team work, team commitment and dynamism. At last, with the Health and Safety Certifications we guarantee all our employees a safe work environment.


Where can I check the Bellota catalog?

In Bellota we have online catalogs so you can find any tool you need and carry out your project. Consult them here by categories. Contact directly with us, see our contact page.

What catalog do I need to consult to select the product that I need?

The Bellota catalog have all the information you need about our products so you can carry on with your project without any doubts. Check all the categories.

Is the Bellota catalog the same throughout the world?

We have a global vision in the manufacture of our tools. The objective? Offer the product that best suits our users. Therefore, each region has its catalog with products designed to respond to the uses and customs of each country.

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