Cookies policy



Users of the website are entitled to be informed about the use of cookies and these being installed in their browser. The existing regulations on e-commerce expects those responsible for the websites to comply with the principle of “transparency”, so that users are well aware of the impact on their privacy when they browse around or use the services available on the website.

The resulting legal notice that must be included in the home page of the website is shown hereinafter. The legal notice shall not be disabled until the user accepts the cookies policy. The resulting notice shall be linked to the “cookies policy” document that is included in point 2 of this document:



 2.Cookies Policy


Your clear consent is required to install cookies in the browser unless the cookies are:
•    Needed to facilitate the browsing and/or the use of security measures to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information.
•    Essential to provide the service that you have specifically asked for.
With regard to the other cookies that we use in our website, if you do give your consent by accepting the resulting legal notice that informs 


¿What is a cookie?


A cookie is a small text file that is downloaded and stored in the users’ terminal (Pc/smartphone/Tablet/etc.) when they visit a website. There are different types of cookies and they can be used for very different reasons. For example, the cookies might be used to recall the language chosen, personalize the website, recall your login, recall elements of an order, use security elements, share content on social media, recall the user’s browser to improve efficiency, geolocation, analyse visits and behaviour in the website, supply personalized publicity, as well as monitor your movements in the website and compile user profiles.


¿What type of cookies are there?


In general there are two types of cookies: the session cookies and the permanent cookies. The session cookies are temporary, which means that once you leave the website, the cookies session is automatically deleted. Permanent cookies are stored in your device and they are activated whenever you visit the specific page that created them. A permanent cookie stays in the subfile of the browser for as long as the file exists.

The cookies can be the website’s own cookies or those of third parties. We create our own cookies and we control them in terms of using and deleting them. The third party cookies are created by entities that provide us with services, such as analysing the traffic in our website, displaying third party videos or connecting up to social networking sites etc. We would like to inform you that we do not have control over these cookies or the privacy policies of their creators. A table is shown hereinafter that contains and describes the cookies used in our website. If you have any questions about these cookies you should get in touch with the manufacturer following the stated links (this is regardless of your right to disable the cookies if you think this is appropriate).


Who can have access to the cookies?


Only the entity or the company that has created the cookies can access them.



¿What information can a cookie obtain?


Very different types of information can be obtained by a cookie, by way of example; the cookies can obtain data about:
•    The IP of the user.
•    Website of origin.
•    Term used in the search engines to access the website.
•    Places of the website visited.
•    Products selected.
•    Content of the registration or order forms.
•    Session ID.
•    Information about the user’s internet explorer and device, operating system, connection speed and display settings.


What cookies are used in this website?

This website uses the cookies that are listed in the table below: 
•    Necessary cookies: they are essential to provide the services that the user requests. If these cookies are disabled, our content and services cannot be received correctly.
•    Analytical cookies: We use these cookies to improve the quality of our services by analysing the behaviour of the users on our website. To this end we use third party cookies. If these cookies are disabled you can continue to make use of our services, however, our knowledge of our clients activity to be able to improve our services will be limited.

Own cookies:

  • MenuOption: User navigation preference regarding the 1st menu option. It is used for the web server through rules to redirect to the home preferred by the user when entering a generic url
    • Duration: Expires with the session

How can I disable the cookies?

Users can select operational cookies or decide to disable them in the following way:
•    By means of the browser setting:
o    Chrome, from 
o    Explorer, from
o    Firefox, from
o    Safari, from
•    By means of the specific opt-out systems stated by the owners of the cookies.
•    Other third party tools, available online, which help users detect the cookies in each website that they visit and be able to disable them. 

Third party liability.

Please bear in mind that we cannot be held responsible for the content, veracity or the fulfilment of the privacy policies of third parties. Consequently, if you decide to browse around our website accepting third party cookies, you acknowledge that you are fully aware of this and that the Venanpri group is exempt of any direct or indirect responsibility for any damage or loss caused by third parties or them meddling with your privacy.