Bellota, guaranteed quality

When you purchase a Bellota tool, you are buying a companion for life. We design and build them to meet your requirements. We use the best materials and processes to increase their durability and robustness so you can always  trust them.


If you have bought a Bellota product, locate your tool from amongst our guarantees:


2-year warranty from the date of purchase
Construction mixers


3-year warranty from the  date of purchase

Tile cutters from lines POP 50 and POP 60


3-year warranty from the date of manufacture

Abrasive discs from the cutting and grinding family.


5-year warranty from the date of purchase

Tile cutters from lines PRO 55, PRO 65, TECH 75, TECH 100, TECH 125.


5-year warranty from the date of manufacture

Safety boots and shoes.


15-year warranty from the date of manufacture

Levels from the family of measurement, marking and levelling.


Lifetime warranty (does not apply to incorrect usage and/or natural wear and tear of the product)


Lubricants; universal cutting pliers; construction saws and hand saws; hoes; fork; industrial and manual brushes; measuring tape; single-handed and two-handed shears; mud pan; tool belt; bolt cutter; bench vice; jumper struts; wedge; tiling buckets; Cutters; wrecking bar; bending iron; Screwdrivers: socket, flat-head, Phillips, Pozidriv and kits; lamina and diamond discs; brooms; rasps; brackets; chisel; gouge; hand-held and backpack sprayers and spare parts; lawnmower; hedge trimmers; scythes; agricultural gloves; short-handled gardening tools; hoe; sickles; pitchfork: hay, stone and gravel and digging; billhooks; Files: serrated-blade, chainsaw and machete; mechanical files and rasps; trowels, floats and spatulas; scrapers; Spanners: fixed, combined, hex, pipe, adjustable, Allen, Torx, socket, Stilson; Machetes; hammer handles, for hoes, for trowels, for rakes, for shovels; maces; pickaxes; hammers; bolts; agricultural gloves; rakes; Palettes and trowels; trowel; floats; poles; spare parts for agricultural saws; pick; skimmer; plumb line; harvesting scissors; chisels: octagonal chisel, cold, wide-blade, mechanical graver, electrician’s chisel, sheet-metal, plaster points; hoof rasps; rakes; spare parts for cutters and cutting and pruning scissors; rodels; clamps; Saws and handsaws: agricultural, carpenter’s, back, cabinet, keyhole, sheet; billhooks; pincers: Russian, carpenter's, tiling; sheet-metal shears; crimper; and, ruling pens..


Do you have questions about a product warranty? Contact us here and we will we'll get back to you as soon as possible.