Inspire by hard work


For over a century we have strived to improve working conditions in agriculture, construction, industry and safety for both professionals and individuals. Since our founding in 1908, your hardworking attitude has inspired us to make the best, safest and most robust tools accessible to you. We consider these three characteristics to be essential for success.

We’re kindred spirits

Passion and determination are key parts of our company’s culture. These are the very same values you apply to your work each day. That’s why Bellota is right for you.


You inspire us, we understand your needs and we’ll help you achieve your goals. When you feel satisfied with the work you’ve done, we will have fulfilled our purpose.

Discover our manifesto

What makes us unique

Exciting tools

We believe in comfort and reliability, but also in tools that you’ll enjoy using

You are at the centre

We believe in you and in what you do with our products. You provide the energy, the tools provide the rest.

Balance between tradition and innovation

We keep innovating in areas that matter to you.

High standards to ensure success

We create tools that won’t let you down when you need them most.

Our roots


Patricio Echeverría founded Bellota, an entrepreneur who was well ahead of his time. From a very early age, he became interested in steel forging and tool design. He believed that tools lacked comfort and quality desired. 

Perseverance: a synonym for success

He analyzed the markets, travelled in the quest of improvements and opened factories applying new processes and technologies. Thanks to his perseverance and hard work, he managed to adapt them to the different contexts. This attitude explains why Bellota is a leading brand in tool manufacturing.

Over a century of history

The brand has grown continuously since its founding. From steel manufacturing to the production of industrial components for automobiles to an unstoppable internationalisation… Plus, in 2008 we turned the design of our products up a notch to include our corporate identity.


Bellota today

Our brand is a global standard in the tool industry. And we’re respected around the world thanks to you. You inspire us and have helped place our tools among the best available on the market. That’s why we’re changing along with you: it’s your hard work that inspires us to evolve.


What’s behind the name ‘Bellota’?

Patricio chose our brand’s name. Bellota is an homage to the forests of Gipuzkoa that abound with oak trees. These forests are famous for the timber and acorns (‘bellotas’ in Spanish) that they produce. Quality, strength and durability are signature features of oak trees as well as our tools.