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ELÍAS Production 60 YEARS

"I've been working in Bellota for 45 years and my colleagues are like my family. The atmosphere here is very good. In addition, the company is quite flexible in case of having a problem and that is important for us. In Bellota they take care of us a lot”


We never give up. We are patient, consistent and consistent in all the projects we undertake. We always fight to get what we want. In Bellota, we do not throw in the towel.


We always give the best and the most to guarantee the experience and quality that we promise to our users. We work hard to make life easier for you and that attitude, we translate it into our tools.


We are respectful, honest and consistent in the way of thinking, acting and relating, both inside and outside the organization. We fight to offer the best, but also to be better every day.


We create a team, with our colleagues, users and customers, learning every day from them to continue growing. They transfer their experiences and we apply them to our products.

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