Forquilha de feno

Forca forjada com 3 dentes de largura maior...

REF: 9013A

We manufacture them with you in mind

We manufacture them with you in mind

We work hand in hand with the best specialists to make our designs come true. We are meticulous with quality. We want to offer you the best products to achieve your satisfaction after using them.

The environment matters to us

The environment matters to us

We transfer our responsible conscience to the production processes. We collaborate in entrepreneurial projects with COPADE and Madera Justa, and we have the PEFC and FSC certifications, which guarantee a sustainable wood.

You will never fail

You will never fail

We develop agile and comfortable solutions for its design and components; with a tradition of reliability, inspired by research and in the moments that are most needed, where nothing can fail and success knows more.

Data Sheet

Forca forjada com 3 dentes de largura maior para recolher feno, estrume e manusear fardos


Inquebrável. Forca com 3 dentes numa única peça e feita de aço especial Bellota. Tratada termicamente.

Escolha o seu cabo. Fixação perfeita entre a cabeça e o cabo. Não dança.

Mover feno, estrume ou manusear fardos será mais fácil. Sirva-se do cabo de madeira de freixo suave ao toque.

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  • Dimensions (Length, Width and Height)

    520 x 280 x 90 mm

  • Weight

    810 g

  • Uses

    Recolha feno e estrume e manuseie fardos com facilidade graças aos seus dentes afiados e temperados ao longo de toda a sua extensão.