Metal handle for scythes

REF: M 2503 R

Very durable. Metallic handle for Bellota scythe 2503 Length: 1,365 mm.

You’ll be able to reap the smallest and most difficult areas in comfort. Ergonomic handle.

Perfect finish. The cutting edge that goes with this handle ensures a homogeneous thickness along the length of the scythe.

recommended use:

Steel handle for scythes, specially for harvesting. Valid for Ref.: 2503/2506/2509.

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Product Description

Highly durable steel scythes handle, especially designed for mowing work. Its ergonomic design will help you work the smallest and most difficult areas comfortably.


Reference M 2503 R
Joint or max. diameter (in mm)
Handle type Long handle
Handle material Steel
Dimensions 1400 x 160 x 130 mm
Weight 1.58 kg