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If hard work inspires you too, and you are demanding and perseverant in what you do and you are passionate about the world of tools, send us your CV! We need people like you.


“The learning I have acquired in the international market makes every project a new challenge, giving the best of myself every day.”


The attraction of Bellota is its commitment to the future with Industry 4.0, as well as being a leader in the tool sector. Since I joined, I have acquired new responsibilities in the field of automation and robotics. The camaraderie and the good atmosphere have helped me to integrate into the team.


Bellota’s commitment to talent and the development of people has allowed me to be trained through real experience in people management.”


We never give up. We are patient, constant and persistent in every project we start. We strive to get the result we want. In Bellota, we never give up.


We promise you an excellent experience and product quality and we give our best to keep that promise. We work hard to make your life easier, and this is the attitude we instill in our tools.


We are respectful, honest and coherent in how we think, act and relate to others, inside and outside the company. We fight to offer you the best, but also to be better every day.


We create through teamwork, learning from our workmates, customers and users to keep growing. They share with us their experiences, a key element when we are designing our products.

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