Professional sprayer for intensive industrial crops

REF: 3710-16

Sprayer for intensive and professional use, with watertight tank and longer threads to avoid possible leaks during use. Moreover, the design of the chamber allows reaching the working pressure with fewer pumpings. It has a high quality nozzle that guarantees uniform spraying, with adjustable cone nozzle. The working pressure is from 1 to 3 bar.

You will work comfortably because it has adjustable straps to adjust it to your needs. Mounting hardware and additional nozzles are included.

recommended use:

Fertilizes and fumigates. Diverse uses in Industry and Construction. Valid for: Pesticide, soluble chemical fertilizers, disinfectants, cleaners and detergents.

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Product Description

Sprayer for professional use. Suitable for intensive industrial crops. The tank is watertight and has longer threads to avoid any possible leaks. 60cm arm and 120cm transparent hose.


Reference 3710-12 3710-16
Capacity (in l) 12 16
Pressure type Constant pressure Constant pressure
Working pressure (in bar) 2-3 2-3
Tank material Polyethylene Polyethylene
Gun length (in mm) 600 600
Dimensions 550 x 400 x 150 mm 610 x 420 x 150 mm
Weight 3.2 kg 3.4 kg


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