Two hand universal lopper with extendable handles for heavy duty use with Easy Adjust bolt Proline

REF: 3578-TEL

Will last a lifetime. High wear resistance tempered steel blades for continuous professional use.

Perfect finish. Special blade polishing for easy and clean cutting.

Exclusive and unique. Our ‘easy adjustment’ blade-counter blade is precise, simple and stable and we have PATENTED it. For an easy and clean cut.

Shock absorbing spring with greater contact surface for effortless cutting.

Perfect grip. Lightweight, balanced and ergonomic aluminium handle with elastomer grip.

recommended use:

For universal pruning: vines, fruit trees and olive trees.

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Product Description

Two hand universal lopper with 35mm cutting diameter. The blade and counter-blade are forged from special high wear resistant steel to extend the life of the tool. It has a patented blade-counter blade adjustment system: Easy Adjust joint system is a precise, simple and stable system. It has extra shock absorbers with a larger contact surface for less effort, more cushioning and less fatigue during pruning work. Handles can be extended from 60 to 90cm. With clutch adjusting system that is easy to operate even during use. Soft Touch grips for comfort during work.


Reference 3578-TEL
Cutting type Bypass
Cutting capacity (in mm) 35
Handle reach - fixed/extendable (in mm) 600/900
Blade finish Polished
Counter-blade finish Polished
Blade/counter-blade adjustment system Easy fitting
Dimensions 620 x 220 x 40 mm
Weight 1.22 kg


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