Metal cutter for straight cutting of masters and profiles

REF: 6006-S

Up to 30% less cutting effort. Ergonomic handles with an optimum opening of 140mm.

Maximum durability, long life of the scissors. Forged chrome molybdenum steel blades with integral hardening and serrated cutting edge, cutting capacity up to 1.25mm.

Smooth, clean and precise cut. Hardened and tempered bolt with a perfect fit between the two blades.

recommended use:

For straight cutting jobs on sections, sheets and profiles of steel, galvanized steel, aluminium, PVC sheets, steel mesh, leather, copper and plastic.

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Product Description

Professional metal cutter made of high quality chrome molybdenum steel, hardened and tempered. Forged blades, serrated edges with great leverage, perfect adjustment and cutting capacity up to 1.25 mm. Ergonomic handles with maximum opening of 140 mm, reducing cutting effort by 30%. For straight cutting work on steel sheet and profiles, galvanized steel, aluminum, PVC sheets, steel mesh, leather, copper and plastic.


Reference 6006-S
Multiplier effect No
Dimensions 250 x 74 x 25 mm
Weight 0.39 kg


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