Ecological fork with 5 prongs with wooden handle

REF: 914-5 ECO

Unbreakable. Ecological fork with 5 prongs, forged in a single piece and manufactured in special Bellota steel. Heat treated.

We are committed to ecological tools. Loosens and aerates the soil without turning it, to preserve the different microbiological layers and achieve a natural fertilizer for your soil.

Your back won’t hurt. Work in an upright position thanks to the PEFC certified handles.

recommended use:

Loosens and aerates the soil without turning it, thus respecting the benefits of micro-organisms that covert organic matter into natural fertilizer for the soil.

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Product Description

Five-tine rake with forged tines and PEFC-certified varnished handle. It’s a key tool for decompacting and aerating soil without turning it in order to preserve the various microbiological layers. It allows for respecting the benefits and micro-organisms that convert organic material into natural fertilizer and fertilise the soil. Use in worked soil.


Reference 914-5 ECO
Number of barbs 5
Handle type Long
Head shape Curved
Head weight (in g) 3350
Dimensions 1420 x 530 x 110 mm
Weight 4.15 kg


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