Fibreglass cultivator for turning and aerating soil

REF: 2987

You’ll be able to work without fear of warping. Adze-Fork manufactured in fibreglass.

Customisable. Designed to make your work easier. Lightweight and hard-wearing.

If you love plants and gardening, this useful tool is a must-have.

recommended use:

Turn and aerate soil with ease in your vegetable patch.

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Product Description

Fibreglass cultivator for turning and aerating soil in planters, rocky areas or small areas with crops or plants.


Reference 2987
Working width (in cm) 8
Working depth (in cm) 5
Head material Fibreglass
Handle material Fibreglass
Handle length (in cm) 13
Dimensions 283 x 85 x 45 mm
Weight 0.099 kg


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