Carbon fiber handle for shuttering hammer

REF: M 8030 CF

Unbreakable. Tri-material handle: carbon fibre core, polymer body and elastomer coating.

Design and comfort are not at odds with each other. Ergonomic design adapted to the geometry of the tool.

Comfortable grip. Contains lateral grooves to prevent hands from sliding along the handle.

recommended use:

Handle for shuttering hammers. Strike without fear. Valid for Ref.: 8030

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Product Description

Carbon fiber handle for shuttering hammer model 8030, made of three materials that make it unbreakable: the carbon fiber core is light and resistant, the technical polymer body with elastomer coating provides greater ergonomics and shock absorption. With a steel cap that will extend the product's lifespan and ensure the position of the claws to pry out nails. Patented. The handle fits perfectly with the geometry of the tool and its shapes have been adapted to the grip and use positions of the hand, in order to provide better confort and grip. Lateral grooves in the grip area to improve the anti-slip effect.


Reference M 8030 CF
Joint or max. diameter (in mm)
Handle type Straight handle
Handle material Carbon fibre;Polypropylene;Elastomer
Dimensions 452 x 40 x 27 mm
Weight 0.31 kg