Spare blades for 25 mm cutter 10 pcs.

REF: H51405-25

Pack of 5 spare blades for 25 mm cutter for continuous use and all types of materials, especially for plasterboard.

Don't be left stranded. Includes 5 blades of 25 mm of maximum duration.

Do not take risks. Safety at work above all. The change of the blade is fast, you have the possibility of blocking the tip by means of a wheel.

recommended use:

For various materials cutting. Especially recommended for laminated Plasterboard cutting. For Ref. 51405.

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Product Description

25mm spare blades for cutter, made of high quality carbon steel, heat-treated for maximum durability. Case with 10 units. Replacement blades for cutting all types of materials continuously, especially recommended for cutting plasterboard and rock wool.


Reference H51405-25
Dimensions 137 x 25 x 0.7 mm
Weight 0.02 kg


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