2 mm polycarbonate trowel with open bi-material handle for stucco and microcement work

REF: 587020P

Special for stucco, microcement and plaster work where a high quality finish is required (Q4 Level).

Long-lasting and wear-free. 2 mm polycarbonate blade, abrasion resistant and very flexible.

Ergonomic, lightweight, soft-touch bi-material handle for the utmost precision and no slippery.

recommended use:

For stucco, microcement, plaster work and where a high quality surface finish is required, such as a Q4 level.

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Product Description

2 mm thick polycarbonate professional trowel, flexible and of high quality, with high resistance to wear. Perfectly flat and flexible blade to guarantee a perfect finish and perfectly fitted. Ergonomic bi-material open handle, very lightweight, temperature resistant and non-slip. For stucco, microcement, plaster and where a high quality surface finish is required, such as Q4 level.


Reference 587020P
Blade size length x width (in mm) 360x110
Blade material Polycarbonate
Handle material PP;Elastomer
Blade length (in mm) 360
Dimensions 360 x 110 x 87 mm
Weight 0.44 kg


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