Straight trowel with bi-material open handle for finishing work


Will last a long time without wearing. Blade manufactured in special Bellota steel.

Perfect finish. Varnished inox blade, extraordinarily flexible and flat.

Ergonomic, very lightweight open handle so you can spread and smooth cement or plaster comfortably.

recommended use:

Do finishing work, extending and smoothing cement, mortar, plaster and other materials. Handle designed for right and left-handed people.

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Product Description

Professional straight trowel with blade made of high quality, flexible stainless steel of high quality and resistance, maximum durability without deterioration. Perfectly flat blade to guarantee a perfect finish and perfectly fitted. Ergonomic bi-material open handle, very lightweight, temperature resistant and non-slip. For finishing and plaster work.


Reference 5864 BIM INOX
Blade size length x width (in mm) 280x130
Blade material Stainless steel
Handle material Elastomer;Polypropylene
Blade length (in mm) 28
Dimensions 280 x 130 x 85 mm
Weight 0.34 kg