Stainless steel inside corner joint knife

REF: 5896-R

Unbreakable. Rounded blade with a 90º angle, perfectly straight and polished, manufactured in blued carbon steel.

It won’t wobble. Perfect fit between handle and blade, for precisely taping and going over joints.

The most comfortable grip. Lightweight, ergonomic aluminium handle, smooth to the touch.

recommended use:

Sealing and finishing drywall joints. To putty screw heads.

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Product Description

Stainless steel nook putty knife, high quality and maximum durability. Perfect handle-key joint. PEFC-certified beech wood handle with a pleasant touch and stainless steel ferrule. For nook work and finishing.


Reference 5896-R
Blade width (in mm)
Handle material Beech wood
Blade material Stainless steel
Spatula width (in cm) 16
Dimensions 280 x 160 x 105 mm
Weight 0.23 kg