Curved pruning saw with front hook and hardened Japanese teeth. Steel handle with wingnuts for easy fitting to the pole

  • Clean cut. Heat-treated. Curved blade with hook for holding the branch to be cut. Made of special laminated steel and Japanese toothing sharpened on the three sides. Extra-hard tempered teeth.
  • Fast and safe cutting and no wear and tear. The curved blade makes it easy to cut branches above your shoulder.
  • Tubular steel handle with wingnut-style screw for easy fitting to pruning poles for pruning at height.
Recommended use:
Safe adaptation to the pole. Pruning of woody plants: olive trees, fruit trees, citrus trees and vines, as well as ornamental trees. The curved blade of our saw allows you to prune high areas.


Curved blade pruning saw and special laminated steel hook. Japanese toothing with extra-hard tempered teeth. Its tubular steel handle with wingnut-style screw can be easily adapted to pruning poles for pruning at height.


Toothing typeJapanese
Blade shapeCurved
Blade finishPolished
Blade geometryTriscated
Number of teeth per inch12
Tooth height (in mm)3
Teeth treatmentTempered
Handle materialsteel
Handle geometryStraight
Dimensiones95 x 595 x 28 mm
Peso0.34 kg
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