Expert professional pruning saw, Cheetah range, with curved bi-material handle

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  • The cheetah is the fastest land mammal in the world. It has an acceleration capability that allows it to go from 0 to 100km in just 3 seconds. It has inspired us to create our fastest cutting blade, with a clean fine finish. The Cheetah pruning saw is for expert pruning users, it is fast to cut, without much effort. With a fine, clean finish. You can work comfortably and the way you like it. The curved bi-material handle adapts to the way you work, is ergonomic and pleasant to the touch, making intensive work easier. The curved blade is perfect to cut branches above your shoulder. In addition, the models without "SF" include a sheath for protection and transport during use, which adapts to your movements. You can attach it to your belt and, if you are left-handed, you can change sides to suit your preference.
Recommended use:
Para la poda de cultivos leñosos, como viña, olivo, frutal, cítricos y frutos secos en general. Para un estilo de poda Experto, un corte rápido y con acabado limpio. Hoja curva para el corte por encima del hombro.


Professional pruning saw with Japanese toothing. Cheetah range, Expert cut. Bi-material curved handle and curved blade. Japanese toothing, with impulse hardened teeth. References without "SF" include a hanging sheath for carrying and protecting the blade.


Expert professional pruning saw, Cheetah range, with curved bi-material handle
Toothing typeJapaneseJapaneseJapanese
Blade shapeCurvedCurvedCurved
Blade finishPolishedPolishedPolished
Blade geometryHollow GrindingHollow GrindingHollow Grinding
Number of teeth per inch6.46.46.4
Tooth height (in mm)777
Teeth treatmentImpulse temperingImpulse temperingImpulse tempering
Handle materialBi-materialBi-materialBi-material
Handle geometryCurvedCurvedCurved
Dimensiones123 x 431 x 51 mm123 x 481 x 51 mm123 x 478 x 51 mm
Peso0.368 kg0.385 kg0.258 kg


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