Heavy-duty pliers for all kinds of clamping jobs

REF: 6100-200 BIM

Always with you, will not let you down. Head with differential hardening and tempering treatment, and double induction hardening on the cutting edge.

A single tool that holds, grips and cuts efficiently and comfortably. Versatile.

Unique design of the handles. For maximum transfer of strength, higher clamping power and cutting performance.

recommended use:

For holding, clamping, cutting or handling.

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Product Description

Professional reinforced universal pliers with forged steel head and body, high durability. Special treatment of head (hardening and tempering) and cutting edge (induction hardening). Clamping, gripping and cutting all in one tool. Holding: smooth and fine toothing, without marking the surface. Clamping: coarse toothing for clamping round bars and tubes. Cuts wire and hard and semi-hard materials up to a diameter of 2.5mm. Specially designed ergonomic bi-material handles for efficiency, comfort and maximum transfer of strength. Meet DIN standards. For clamping, fastening, cutting or handling work.


Reference 6100-160 BIM 6100-180 BIM 6100-200 BIM
Plier length (in mm) 164 180 207
Head width (in mm) 25 25.8 28.5
Head height (in mm) 57 62 65
Mouth length (in mm) 35 38 40
Dimensions 165 x 54 x 35 mm 185 x 54 x 38 mm 210 x 57 x 40 mm
Weight 0.21 kg 0.27 kg 0.3 kg