Extra-thin stainless steel abrasive cutting disc

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  • You will cut stainless steel without burning it, the disc won't even notice. Made of high quality abrasive and bonding materials.
  • Fast and without binding Up to 1 mm thin disc for a better cutting feel and precision, no burrs.
  • Compliant with UNE-EN 12413 on safety standards. Use in portable angle grinders for dry cutting.
Recommended use:
Abrasive disc for cutting, smoothing and with electric portable and stationary machines.


Professional thin abrasive disc for inox-metal, made of premium quality semi-friable corundum for an optimum ratio between performance and speed/cutting feel, providing maximum cost-effectiveness. Up to 1 mm thick for fine and burr-free cutting. Homogeneous blades to guarantee reliability throughout their service life, straight and smooth cut, no vibrations for a perfect finish. Compliant with UNE EN 12413 standard. Use on portable angle grinders for cutting thin stainless steel and metal, profiles up to 3 mm and assemblies.


Extra-thin stainless steel abrasive cutting disc
Disc thickness (in mm)11
Disc typeCutCut
Disc thickness (in mm)11
Valid for workThin sheet metal,Profiles,AssembliesThin sheet metal,Profiles,Assemblies
Type of abrasiveSemi-friable corundumSemi-friable corundum
Grain size6060
Maximum rotational speed (in rpm)1328012200
Peripheral speed (m/s)Máx. 80Máx. 80
Machine typeMovable grinderMovable grinder
Inner shaft diameter (mm)22.2322.23
Degree of hardnessINOXINOX
Dimensiones115 x 115 x 1 mm125 x 125 x 1 mm
Peso0.03 kg0.03 kg


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